Rules and Stuff

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Rules and Stuff

Post  MindlessAlex on Wed Aug 29, 2012 11:08 pm

No bad language, this is the most important of all Smile
No fighting
No Spam or advertising. If you have a tumblr or MB story post it in the Story forum or one of the chat rooms.
Have fun!

Can I be a moderator?
When we want a moderator we will post it. Mods have to be dedicated and responsible.

Are there clubs?
Yes, we are coming up with clubs. We post site news in the news forum.
Other things[/i]

if a so-called moderator asks you for your password say NO


If someone claims that they are a mod. Check the news forums and they should have something on their profile stating that they are a mod. If you arent sure, check with me first (MindlessLexi~Admin) I am the founder of the site and I can verify. A list of Mods should be up in the news forum also.

Have fun and play by the rules! I love you

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