LOL MB pranked ROC [recap and links]

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LOL MB pranked ROC [recap and links]

Post  MindlessAlex on Thu Aug 30, 2012 12:15 am

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ABOVE is the the video, anyway, me and my friends have been laughing about this video for days. We also looovvvvee how Roc said fruit plates LOL. It was really cute.

{SPOLIER} Anyway Roc was

Doing things humans do
when Prod, Ray Ray, Myles, and Princeton started throwing stuff at him while he was on the toilet. LOL.

Roc pleaded for them to
please stop
but they didn't.

SO here are some of the major things that alot of people where talking about in the comments. (Yes, we take the time to read them)

  • Ray Ray walked out the same stall Roc was in Shocked

    Princeton cussed, which really insn't anything new to be honest lol. Laughing

Thats pretty all we observed. Smile That's the video recap.

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